J is for Julep


This sounded like it would be very refreshing but I essentially ended up doing an Alan Partridge.

Which can apparently be made with pretty much any spirit but as I have recently acquired some Jenson’s Old Tom Gin, which is a sweeter version of standard gins, I decided to make mine using that.  The key ingredients of a Julep is mint, in our case home grown, from the garden and rather weedy looking; and a shed-load of crushed ice.

As I had time on my hands I was able to do the recommended method of lightly muddling the mint and spirit in the cocktail shaker and leave it in the fridge for a few hours along with the highball glass that I was going to serve it in.

The ingredients

2014-08-01 19.19.59

Then, having shaken it up with some uncrushed ice, pour it over the crushed ice – a swirl with the bar spoon – and then more crushed ice.

The result

2014-08-01 21.40.39

The verdict

As you can see, that’s a lot of ice for not much liquid.  I probably did something wrong. I had a quick sip and the mint and gin worked well together but not having any straws (and oversight I really need to correct) it wasn’t exactly practical to drink. It also would have  been a lot nicer in the blazing sun of a week or two ago as opposed to the evening following a bit of a drizzly day.  It probably would be better with a verandah to sit on too!

As it was, I ended up topping up with some Indian tonic water to make it in to a longer drink, and essentially a slightly more elaborate pink gin and tonic.  Which was lovely!  Looking forward to trying some of the other Botanical Gin that I picked up and having a go at an Elderflower Tom Collins, which I might shoe-horn in to “T”.

I is for Ink Martini #1



Ink Martini Ingredients

  • Gin (should be Tanqueray, is Gordons)
  • Blue Cuarcao (well why not, it’s there)
  • Napoleon Mandarin (should be Peach Schnapps, isn’t)
  • Cranberry Juice


Shake with ice. Pour.

The Result

Ink Martini
Not quite as inky as I’d hoped for but quite a pleasing colour. I’m having to imagine what it would be like with the Peach Scnhapps. Not as over powered by Mandarin I would imagine, as that is the main thing I’m getting from this. It’s okay, but won’t be rushing to make it again. I’d describe it more as a number two. Shame.

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