I is for Ink Martini #1



Ink Martini Ingredients

  • Gin (should be Tanqueray, is Gordons)
  • Blue Cuarcao (well why not, it’s there)
  • Napoleon Mandarin (should be Peach Schnapps, isn’t)
  • Cranberry Juice


Shake with ice. Pour.

The Result

Ink Martini
Not quite as inky as I’d hoped for but quite a pleasing colour. I’m having to imagine what it would be like with the Peach Scnhapps. Not as over powered by Mandarin I would imagine, as that is the main thing I’m getting from this. It’s okay, but won’t be rushing to make it again. I’d describe it more as a number two. Shame.

H is for Highland Sling


When Monday has given you a kicking, a sling seems highly appropriate. Looking for an “H” and finding that I had all the pre requisites for this cheeky little number, I managed to get it made up before the Mrs got home!


Highland Sling Ingredients

  • Bells Whiskey
  • Galliano
  • Apricot Brandy
  • Apple Juice
  • Cranberry Juice


Admittedly it was a “better” brand of Scotch requested but as I had some I thought what the hey. It says something about hte state of my drinks cabinet now that all I had to head out and get was the juice.
Here it is in all it’s pre-mix glory!


Dead simple, as are all the ones I go for – shake together with ice. I should have put more ice in the glass as it turns out.

The Result

Finished  article - in a Sling

Ah – isn’t it pretty! Lovely and fruity. The scotch is obviously the overpowering taste in the whole thing but the Galliano and other fruit-based accompaniments balance it out nicely. Fruity punch with a nice mellow Scoth after-taste. Would make again!

First Angular Project


squareThought I’d post this up as I’ve spent time on it and it’s good to have my code examples up somewhere to look at when I need to.

This is the result of a job test I was required to do, the remit being to show lists of pages on a theoretical website with their load time in milliseconds and show it in a graph form. Not having done much work with graphing before and making some baby steps into the world of Angular I figured if I was going to be giving up my time to do this, I may as well learn as I went.

I used the excellent Dan Wahlin tutorial as a jumping off point for the project, adapting where needed and having done a bit of research saw that pablojim had written an angular directive for high-charts which were very pretty. See also the jsFiddle.

The final app is here.

And you can check it out on github here.


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