F is for Fruit and Nut (F revisited)


So I’ve already done “F” but I noticed this one when I was flicking through and really wanted to go back and have a crack at it when I eventually had all the ingredients. Following a trip to my favourite Whisky Exchange on Friday, I now had all the bits I needed to make it bar a Cadbury’s Flake. Having got the missing bit at Sainsbury’s on Saturday, it was time to treat Mrs F to another cocktail. Here’s the ingredients assembled (note: chocolate bitters are in shot but not used. I’m thinking I might next time).

Ingredients for Fruit and Nut

The dusty chambord makes a reappearance


That should all be poured into a shaker with ice in the quantities dictated by Difford’s and then poured over crushed ice. The people with a basic reading age amongst you will have noticed ice twice in that sentence, the others are looking at the pretty patterns the letters make. The basic point is that without ice you’re going to be drinking at best a lukewarm creamy cocktail. Which is (a) where we found ourselves and (b) why I’m going to have another crack tomorrow.

I made this up with double quantities and it still only half filled the glasses because it’s meant to be poured over some ice.

That being said: End result was lovely. Improvements would be to change up the own brand Baileys for the real thing, it always has the kind of bite at the end that you just don’t get with the real deal. Also I might alter the quantities of Raspberry vodka in favour of the Frangelico. Because I like Frangelico.

Here’s some horrifically grainy shots:

That's grated Cadbury's Flake, not nutmeg

That’s grated Cadbury’s Flake, not nutmeg

And the second one:

Up close and personal with some slightly warm chocolatey goodness

Up close and personal with some slightly warm chocolatey goodness


Mrs F really liked and will be demanding again. Just as well as we now have a bottle of White Chocolate liqueur to use, and is expounding it’s virtues to her mum on the phone now so I guess I’ll be making another for their next visit too. Just need play with the mix to get it to my tastes…


So seeing as we had some cream to use up we had another go the next day.  This time I upped the measure of Frangelico and added some Cherry Brandy, while also using a couple of pippettefuls of Chocolate Bitters.  It made a measurable improvement and I’ve decided to christen it Fruit and Nut (Schwarzwald).

Measures were roughly:

  • 2 measures Rasberry Absolut
  • 2 measures Frangelico
  • 1 measure Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1 measure Baileys
  • 1 measure Cherry Brandy
  • 1.5 measures Milk
  • 1.5 measures Double Cream
  • 2 drops Chocolate Bitters



J is for Julep


This sounded like it would be very refreshing but I essentially ended up doing an Alan Partridge.

Which can apparently be made with pretty much any spirit but as I have recently acquired some Jenson’s Old Tom Gin, which is a sweeter version of standard gins, I decided to make mine using that.  The key ingredients of a Julep is mint, in our case home grown, from the garden and rather weedy looking; and a shed-load of crushed ice.

As I had time on my hands I was able to do the recommended method of lightly muddling the mint and spirit in the cocktail shaker and leave it in the fridge for a few hours along with the highball glass that I was going to serve it in.

The ingredients

2014-08-01 19.19.59

Then, having shaken it up with some uncrushed ice, pour it over the crushed ice – a swirl with the bar spoon – and then more crushed ice.

The result

2014-08-01 21.40.39

The verdict

As you can see, that’s a lot of ice for not much liquid.  I probably did something wrong. I had a quick sip and the mint and gin worked well together but not having any straws (and oversight I really need to correct) it wasn’t exactly practical to drink. It also would have  been a lot nicer in the blazing sun of a week or two ago as opposed to the evening following a bit of a drizzly day.  It probably would be better with a verandah to sit on too!

As it was, I ended up topping up with some Indian tonic water to make it in to a longer drink, and essentially a slightly more elaborate pink gin and tonic.  Which was lovely!  Looking forward to trying some of the other Botanical Gin that I picked up and having a go at an Elderflower Tom Collins, which I might shoe-horn in to “T”.

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